The ACRE 26 Presenters are world leaders in applied creativity. Lets introduce you to a few of them.

Creativity and Collective Intelligence

(Demo of how generative masterminding brings collective intelligence and creativity together)
  • Creativity and Collective Intelligence : demo of how generative masterminding brings collective intelligence and creativity together

  • Somatic Intelligence for creative people : demo on how the wisdom of our body can help us explore untapped creative solutions 

  • State Management for more creative meetings : Demo on the emergence of creativity requires the ability to awaken a creative state

  • Resilience for Times of crisis : demo on the 4 core skills for Resilience

Article by Jean Francois Thiriet

Practical Innovation in an Impractical World

(Collaborative Combustion)
  • Looking for fresh ways that will help you deliver innovation and culture change in today’s new reality?

  • Want to learn proven and dynamic new tools/approaches?

  • Want to push your own creative boundaries to the edge (and beyond)?

The DUDEz are three innovation agents with a nearly a century of combined experience. They facilitate around the globe, inspire teams, and empower awesomeness.

​Need to crank up your creativity? Dial up Innovation skillz? Bring your team together to drive action? The DUDEz are here to help (click here to learn more) ....

Article by 3 Wize Dudez

The Case For Positivity

(Something unique to act as a health spa for your mindset)

  • Neil will present case studies for you to evaluate the facts about positivity – actual documented situations to inform and help you decide

  • There will be some personal exercises to allow you to understand where you are right now in February 2022 with your lives

  • Their will be specific, real life examples of what positivity can create in your world and the world of others nearest and dearest to you


(Turning an Organization into an Innovation Machine)

  • In this post-covid world, businesses are under pressure to make the changes necessary to drive results through innovation

  • Hypnovation: The use of hypnosis to access the subconscious mind and generate novel solutions that result in quantifiable gains
  • The ability to set aside our conscious judgement and logic is a key principle to creative thinking
  • There are many tools and techniques that can be utilized to drive creative production when the conscious mind steps out of the way and allows for freedom of expression

Pathways to Possibility

(Bringing the best out of your team)

  • Clarify how your organization is doing in terms of having a high performing team

  • Ideate ways to build your own facilitative leadership style
  • Develop creativity through exercising creative brainpower. Learn how you can train your brain and your team
  • Propel teams toward implementation as they SEE how action plans will come to life

Creativity and Facilitative leadership can come from anywhere in an organization.  This session will explore how Facilitative leadership differs from Positional or Directive leadership and how these critical human skills can improve your team’s effectiveness and drive innovation and creativity.

Ultimate Organizations

(Best Practices in Creative Leadership)

  • Inspire creative thinking in a stressed workforce

  • Develop and maintain relationships during times of crisis
  • Sustain creative culture when working remotely
  • Discover new ways of thinking for a new world

Generative Thinking for a New World

(Generating innovative ideas in a new world)

  • Present a model to support creating a supportive, creative team environment

  • Share an appreciative approach to idea making
  • Teach practices for self-perpetuating ideation


(The Rich Brain Way to Manage Your Money)

  • What does your attitude and thinking have to do with wealth?

  • What is a whole brain approach to wealth?

  • What are the 3 Critical Components to Consider with your finances?

  • What are the 5 Steps To Your Financial Plan?

  • How to optimize your debt, protect your family legacy and approach your retirement?

  • How can your brain preferences influence your approach to wealth

  • What does RICH BRAIN vs POOR BRAIN behavior look like?


(How to shift from fearing uncertainty to intentionally embracing it as the source of creativity)

  • Uncertainty is human beings’ greatest fear
  • Recovering from the uncertainty a Pandemic can bring
  • Shift your perspective to realize that Uncertainty is actually the greatest blessing
  • Uncertainty will set you free


(Plot a plan for creatively changing your world)

  • What needs to change?
  • What is possible?
  • What is your poison antidote?  Create your own placebo
  • Design your dosage for the desired outcome

There is no organization, only conversations, behavior, and actions

(Creating a better future with the conversations I'm having)

  • Strategy through consciousness
  • Team Consciousness based on the dynamic of systemic constellations
  • The power of “learning organizations”
  • Leadership conversation

Rise Above the noise, and step into the RAINBOW LIFE You deserve in 2022 and Beyond!

(Explore painting & drawing as a means to ‘silence your mind’ or to ‘meditate’, ONE brush-stroke or pen-stroke, at a time)

  • Experiencing the emotions that come up! They may BE FUN … or not, … yet … interesting to observe
  • Putting brush strokes or marks on “Your Possibility PAGE …..” while learning about some of the neuro-science affirming that we need to silence our minds for at least 20 minutes every day!
  • If you leave with SOME marks of paint or pen on your Possibility Page - YOU HAVE achieved!!!!!!!!!!
  • Just come and have FUN!!!!


(Collaborative actions focusing on saving the planet with new, novel, and disruptive ideas and innovation)

  • Green creativity (the development of new ideas about green products, green services, green processes, or green practices that are judged to be original, novel, and useful)
  • Eco-innovation (any innovation resulting in significant progress towards the goal of sustainable development)
  • Prototyping (an experimental process where design teams implement ideas into tangible forms from paper to digital)
  • Prototype your thinking (moving beyond creative ideas to turn your creativity into value for customers)


(The social commerce opportunity in 2022 and beyond)

  • Creativity, the driving force behind social commerce
  • How to reach more people and grow your business with social media
  • How to beat the algorithm
  • How to create scroll stopping content
  • Converting followers into buyers


(Finding opportunities in a post pandemic world)

  • People generally underestimate their own capabilities
  • Creativity is not the privy of a few gifted individuals - you can do it
  • Develop the awareness to seek chances to convert desperation into opportunity
  • Whole Brain Team philosophy in action in a tough environment
  • Intellect and all the MBA concepts are ok, but getting traction matters most
  • The small team concept used and parallels as applied by some elite Special Forces

Head, Heart and Guts Approach to Leading Through Disruption

(The neural processes that support positive engagement and focus during periods of significant change)

  • Importance of head in disruption - we need leaders who can provide clear purpose, direction and strategy
  • Importance of EQ in disruption – we need clarity while relating to, inspiring and developing others
  • Importance of Guts:  Disruption requires the ability to take action based on (often imperfect) evidence and values