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Online NBI Practitioners Training

You're making a decision that will change your life for the better!

What you'll get:

  • Access to the full course with no time limit
  • One hour coaching session with one of our master trainers
  • Your own admin site from which to dispense NBI profiles

Nobody who has done this training has come out of the other side completely the same. Although, that is a bit of a misleading statement. You will be precisely who you were before you entered into the training, only more self-aware. The training will equip you with a newfound appreciation for your own thinking preferences. You will also be eager to share the enlivening news with your loved ones and colleagues. This is a natural part of discovering a treasure: wanting to share it with others. Read some of the testimonials below to see what it has meant for others.


Payment Options

Once off Payment

(R12 500)


3-Months Down Payment

(R12 600)

(R4 200 per month for 3 Months)


What People Are Saying:

It helps me on a daily basis with career counseling for prospective students.

Albert Verster

The Practitioner training thought me how to identify my preferred ways to think...and how others think. This impacted on my relationships with my wife, kids, and other people. I realized we can all be different and appreciate it.

Wayne Abrahams

The training provided me with much-needed tools to assist individuals looking for answers, albeit in a counselling, coaching, or personal development space. The most important impact was probably the vocabulary in which to describe the simple statement: "You are okay".

Du Toit Orton

It has changed the way I live and work truly. It has given me an insight into the minds of people quite easily talking to them, seeing their mannerisms. Being a neurologist, the physiology of the brain and mind always fascinates me. The science is truly interesting and practical. I think being trained as an NBI and whole-brain practitioner is the best thing for my life.

Dr Sweta Adatia

It steered me and my business into a fulfilling and life-altering direction.


Been one of the most valuable, practical, and insightful courses I have completed, and it has enabled me to gain huge understanding of self and of others in a very meaningful way.

Jackie Houston

It has allowed me to start my own small business which I will be able to continue doing after I retire.

Shelley Carlton

Could start my own business. Isn't that huge?

Leon Mostert

Helped with personal relationships and increased business offerings to clients.

Sidney Hanstein

It opened up a whole new world for me that I can use in my practice.

Minette Emmerich