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With Love In Mind Offer


With Love in Mind will give you revelations into the secrets of your brain and how they impact on your relationships. The aim is to make you understand yourself fully and, maybe for the first time, understand your partner, his/ her expectations and to assist you in celebrating your differences. Rediscover the romance, the excitement and the anticipation of being in love!

This extensive course consists of 23 videos to give you a holistic view of the Whole Brain Approach to making relationships work. Not sure what whole brain is? Don’t worry, you will know soon enough.

With Love in Mind is designed for two people to walk through together, but you can decide to do it alone and involve your partner at a later stage.

The course cost includes 2 NBI Adult profiles. As the course goes along you and your partner will gain invaluable insights into yourselves and into each other. It is all about learning to love who your partner is, not who we want them to be. So we strongly suggest that you and your partner take a step back from what you already know about each other in order to add these valuable insights to your repertoire.

In this fascinating course about your brain and your brain preferences and how they affect relationships you will find:

  • Facts about your brain that may astound you
  • New insights into how others think
  • Why one person can irritate you and another can make you swoon…
  • Your own unique brain profile
  • Many answers to fulfilling relationships