KNI FREE Creativity Café

Hosting Creativity Café sessions Since 2013

Hosting Creativity Café Sessions Since 2013

Since 2013 we organized our first Creativity Café at Caffe Frescatti---the response was overwhelming. So, for many years we have organized a Creativity Café every few months and every time ‘our creativity family’ responded in a very, very positive way.

Seeing the future First

Where: Café Frescatti, Brooklyn Mall, Pretoria, When: 31 January 2023, Cost: Free

Are you ready to take control of your future and make the vision you have for yourself a reality? Join us as we explore the power of embracing the future you see first and the steps you can take to make it happen.

Discussion Points

How to start paying attention to signs from the future
Futuremaking 101 – Cocreating a world you want to be a part of
Building skills for 2050 – The skills you need for your long-term future

Creativity Café 31 January 2023

Seeing The Future First

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