The 26th Annual International Creativity Conference in South Africa



ACRE26 Rated as one of the top three international creativity conferences in the world.

  • A new kind of beyonder creativity for a new kind of world
  • Creating entrepreneurial miracles in very difficult times
  • Ultimate organizations: Best practices in Creative Leadership
  • How to dance with uncertainty in a ever changing world
  • Developing a culture of happiness for your organization

8-10 FEBRUARY 2022


The ACRE 26 Presenters are world leaders in applied creativity.

Creativity and Collective Intelligence

Demo of how generative masterminding brings collective intelligence and creativity together.

  • Creativity and Collective Intelligence : demo of how generative masterminding brings collective intelligence and creativity together
  • Somatic Intelligence for creative people : demo on how the wisdom of our body can help us explore untapped creative solutions 
  • State Management for more creative meetings : Demo on the emergence of creativity requires the ability to awaken a creative state
  • Resilience for Times of crisis : demo on the 4 core skills for Resilience

The 7 Habits of Highly Insightful People

A Human-Centric Framework for More Successful Innovation.

  • What do the most successful, persuasive, and creative people around the world have in common?  Insightfulness:  the ability to grasp the hidden nature of people, process and problems via intense curiosity, honed intuition, powerful questions, and the endangered art of listening
  • Insights are the human inspiration for creativity and ideas.  But what is an insight?
  • And how can we discover more of them as an individual or as an organization?

Practical Innovation in an Impractical World

Collaborative Combustion.

  • Looking for fresh ways that will help you deliver innovation and culture change in today’s new reality
  • Want to learn proven and dynamic new tools/approaches?Want to push your own creative boundaries to the edge (and beyond)?
  • The DUDEz are three innovation agents with a nearly a century of combined experience. They facilitate around the globe, inspire teams, and empower awesomeness.
  •  Need to crank up your creativity? Dial up Innovation skillz? Bring your team together to drive action? The DUDEz are here to help (click here to learn more) ....

The Future is Yours to Create

Creative Thinking can be learned throughout our entire lives.

  • What will success mean to you
  • 52 Traits of Creative Thinking
  • How to use Creative Thinking Tools


Creative Thinking can be learned throughout our entire lives.

  • In this post-covid world, businesses are under pressure to make the changes necessary to drive results through innovation
  • Hypnovation: The use of hypnosis to access the subconscious mind and generate novel solutions that result in quantifiable gains
  • The ability to set aside our conscious judgement and logic is a key principle to creative thinking
  • There are many tools and techniques that can be utilized to drive creative production when the conscious mind steps out of the way and allows for freedom of expression

Pathways to Possibility

Bringing the best out of your team.

  • Clarify how your organization is doing in terms of having a high performing team
  • Ideate ways to build your own facilitative leadership style
  • Develop creativity through exercising creative brainpower. Learn how you can train your brain and your team
  • Propel teams toward implementation as they SEE how action plans will come to life
  • Creativity and Facilitative leadership can come from anywhere in an organization.  This session will explore how Facilitative leadership differs from Positional or Directive leadership and how these critical human skills can improve your team’s effectiveness and drive innovation and creativity.

Wow! I guess we CAN do that!

What we all learned about possibilities and simplification during the pandemic.

  • Take a look at some shocking facts and figures about complexity as the “quicksand” of company agility
  • Learn where, in a company, complexity is most likely to be lurking, and how it got there
  • Look at practical techniques to reduce complexity and welcome simplicity, based on the mind-bending work of Lisa Bodell, author of “Why Simple Wins” and “Kill the Company”

Go Wild! Go Great for a Better Business and Life!

You’ll leave with 5, 5 and 5!


  • 5 Top Trends to be considered in Business and Life Decisions in a post Covid World, from the work of futurists, “Trend Hunter” and “Faith Popcorn’s Brain Reserve Trust Bank”
  • A look at 5 ways our decision-making fails us and how to avoid the most common traps to living a better life and creating a better business
  • 5 Tips and Tricks to Live your Best Life as you lead your Organization and create a life worth living with 5 Survival Skills for Business and Life

Ultimate Organizations

Best Practices in Creative Leadership.

  • Inspire creative thinking in a stressed workforce

  • Develop and maintain relationships during times of crisis
  • Sustain creative culture when working remotely
  • Discover new ways of thinking for a new world


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ACRE 26 Presenters
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A few of the ground-breaking topics

A new kind of beyonder creativity for a new kind of world

Creating entrepreneurial miracles in very difficult times

Ultimate organizations: Best practices in Creative Leadership

How to dance with uncertainty in a ever changing world

Developing a culture of happiness for your organization

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